Personal Development Coaching

Following your dreams and reaching your full potential can, at times, seem impossible and stress can play a significant part in this.   However as a qualified Master NLP Practitioner I will teach you specialist techniques to tap into your life skills and wisdom, to go forward with your goals and aspirations you wish for yourself.

Maybe you feel that your circumstances are, at present, holding you back from reaching your goals.  You may be finding that your stress levels feel unmanageable and you want to learn some skills to lower them.  You may have felt that you have never had the opportunity to have a balanced lifestyle or you have recently had setbacks, and you now feel it is time to give yourself the space to explore and move forward in your life.

NLP techniques are considered to be one of the most useful and accessible tools to come from modern psychology.  They can be used to assist the development of:-

  • Stress management
  • Improving communication skills
  • Resolving personal negative thought patterns

I will teach you techniques of how to adjust and adapt negative behaviours in order for you to live a life with dreams, balance and wellness.

I specialise in coaching techniques to assist with stress.  In order to do that you may wish to look at

  • Positive self-talk
  • New goals and aspirations
  • Your strengths and talents
  • Settings of short, medium and long term goals

My techniques will help you to build “a tool kit for the mind” and as they are all about focusing on the future wonderful opportunities are possible.

If you would like to discuss this further then please do not hesitate to contact me for a relaxed conversation at a time to suit you.

My Coaching fees are £40 per hour.