Bach Flower Remedies

I discovered the Bach Flower Remedies many years ago by using “The Rescue Remedy” that is easily accessible to purchase in various forms.  By having great success with this Remedy I went onto study the Bach Flower Remedies at The Bach Centre, Oxford obtaining my Practitioners certification.  I am also a Member of The Dr Edward Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners.

The Flower Remedies can support you to lift  the negative emotions that you may be currently experiencing.   They are a very gentle way of finding a Balance with  your emotions and feelings in everyday life.

The Consultation encourages you to notice and acknowledge how you are feeling and the reasons behind them.

There are 38 different Bach Flower Remedies and all of them cover the negative emotions that we sometimes experience.  I will assist you to find the right combination of Remedies in your Consultation and you will take home a bottle of remedies to use.

Consultation Fee including a Remedy Bottle £40  (1 hour)