“I’ve known Sarah for a few years now, and I consider myself blessed. Not only is Sarah honest, patient and a good listener, she is really focussed on the other person whenever I have been privileged to work with her. Sarah sincerely believes in what she does, and this shines through in her approach. Using her creative skills, Sarah deftly encourages others to look within themselves to find solutions.

Coupled with all this, Sarah wears a cheerful smile and speaks with a soothing tone conveying genuine concern for others.

I happily recommend Sarah to be your coach as you take time to create more balance in your lives.”

– Mick

“I have worked with Sarah several times during this year to help me move through some areas of my life that were holding me back and preventing me from realizing my goals.
I found Sarah to be very Empathic and understanding, she was very approachable and professional and allowed me the time and safe place to explore my uncomfortable feelings.

I had carried this particular pain for many years even though I felt I had already handled these issues from my past in therapy.
Sarah worked with me to go back through Past Time Line work and face the past, look objectively at what was going on and whether I could have handled the situation at the time any better. I quickly realized that I was doing the best I could under the circumstances I was in.
Sarah helped me to forgive myself and relook at the incidents, see them from a new perspective. This process was quite incredible as after working on my past and seeing I was ok and had done an amazing job I felt that a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
NLP is unique to any talking therapy I had used in the past, as the solution was quick and the results were evident almost straight away.
I particularly liked Sarah’s approach, I felt she really got where I was coming from and was very patient and calming.
A few days later I noticed the feeling’s I had been having had gone and that the subject when it arises now causes me to act differently and not react as I used to in the past.

I would recommend Sarah as a practitioner to anybody who is finding certain areas of their life that just don’t seem to be working or for help in working towards a better future.
I cannot thank Sarah enough for the help she gave me and will continue to visit her as I progress in my life purpose and goals.”

– Fiona

“Sarah has a wonderfully warm and calming presence that instantly puts you at ease when you meet her – that combined with her unique skill-set and gentle hearing skills (not just listening!) makes her my first choice to recommend as a holistic therapist to friends and family.”

– Elanor

“I first saw Sarah before Christmas as I knew it was going to be a difficult time of year and I wanted to be able to cope. Together we chose some flower remedies based on how I was feeling, which she then made up in a little bottle. Having my ‘go to remedy’ on-hand during the tough times helped me to feel in control and allowed me to enjoy the rest of the festivities. I’ve been back to see Sarah several times since and her warm personalty, positive outlook and professionalism shine through each time. This along with the fact that she is a great listener and offers gentle guidance, helps me to feel instantly at ease.”

– RS